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All Set for Martial Law Commemoration and Nationwide Protests

Various groups are set to commemorate the declaration of Marcos’ Martial Law on Friday, September 20 at Kilometer Zero in front of the Rizal Monument in Luneta. The youth are expected to be at the forefront of the mass mobilization and will be joined by other sectors and faith-based groups and social activists.

Organizers of this year’s nationwide commemoration and protest were among the main movers of the huge SONA mass actions last July. For them, remembering is a collective undertaking and serves as a powerful motivation for the current resistance to the Duterte regime.

“The moment we forget, we become vulnerable and suceptible to repeating the past. It is therefore such an important development that the youth of today are at the forefront of efforts to fight historical revisionism and the now looming dictatorship under this administration.”

“Our message is clear. The Duterte regime’s Marcosian tactics are unacceptable to the Filipino people. Remember that Marcos was ousted for his authoritarian rule marked by corruption and gross human rights violations. The widespread human rights violations and abuse of power we see today are reminiscent of Marcos’ rule.”

The organizers are calling on the people to remember and resist. A poster on their social media pages reads: “Walang paglimot. Walang pag-atras. Hindi laging hari ang dilim.” It a warning that dictators do not last forever and that the people will not forget nor will they allow a slide back to authoritarian rule.

Those joining the Martial Law commemoration and protest are urged to wear black and bring black umbrellas should it rain.

“Abuse and concentration of power, then and now, is one reason why the country remains backward and underdeveloped. There can be no real progress without democracy. It remains the duty of every Filipino to fight for genuine freedom and democracy. “

“We should fight the criminalization of dissent, the red-tagging and terrorist-labelling of critics and opposition groups. We should decry the double-standards of the justice system that frees criminals but jails dissenters. We should oppose the idea that activism is a crime. Were it not for activism, the Marcos dictatorship would not have been dismantled.” ###