Bayan to Congress: Use confidential funds to improve social services, raise salaries, and address food crisis

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan reiterates its call for the abolition of confidential and intelligence funds after it was revealed in the Congress plenary budget deliberation that the office of VP Sara Duterte spent P125 million in 11 days in 2022.

Bayan held a protest outside the House of Representatives during the interpellation for the budgets of the office of the president, office of the vice president, and Department of Education.

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Bayan called on legislators to use the CIF to augment the funds for social services, raise salaries of government workers, and expand agricultural subsidies.

The expanded allocation for CIF of civilian agencies is not only highly suspicious but also illogical and unnecessary as government continues to impose budget cuts on public hospitals and universities.

Bayan warns Congress that passing the budget bill without realigning the CIF into productive and transparent expenditures will generate stronger public outrage.

We call on the people to demand legislators to prioritize the urgent needs of the poor and working class families amid surging food and fuel prices.

The campaign for the abolition of CIF will not end this week as people’s organizations are set to continue raising awareness in schools and communities aside from actively engaging senators to ensure that the corruption-prone CIF is scrutinized and abolished, and officials are held to account for the irregular use of CIF in 2022.

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