Groups to march to US embassy on November 14 to denounce US support for Israel, US war games

Various groups will march to the US embassy in Manila on November 14 to denounce the continuing US-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza and the new round of US military exercises in the Philippines. The march dubbed “From Palestine to the Philippines: Stop the US war machine!” aims to call attention to the US role in the massive humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza as well as the US role in escalating conflicts in East Asia. The groups assail the Marcos regime’s continued subservience to US interests, as evidenced by Marcos upcoming trip to the US Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii.

May be an image of text that says "FROM PALESTINE TO THE PHILIPPINES, STOP THE U.S. WAR MACHINE! November 14 US EMBASSY, MANILA Assembly: 9:30AM, TM Kalaw cor Taft Ave Wear: Black or or Green"

When we denounce the US role in the mass killings of Palestinians, we also denounce its imperialist agenda worldwide. We denounce imperialism. The US troops conducting military exercises in the Philippines are part of that war machine and imperialist agenda. We want the US forces out of the Philippines and we want them out of the Middle East as well.

The US is the main driver of endless wars worldwide. Whether it’s arming the Zionist regime in Israel or the fascist regimes of neocolonies like the Philippines, the US seeks only to promote its own dominance in every corner of the world. What the US wants to do here is to strengthen its bases and military presence in the region as part of its provocations against China. The US is taking advantage of our maritime conflict with China as pretext to establish more US bases throughout the Philippines and escalate tensions with China. It is an insidious plan. We do not want the Philippines to be the next Ukraine, which was used by the US in its proxy war with Russia.

Many pro-Palestinian groups and anti-imperialist activists are expected to join the march to the US embassy on Tuesday. Organizers say the activity is a peaceful expression of protest and should not be disrupted by the police. ###

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