Various groups led by the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan are gearing up for protests on June 12 Independence Day. The groups are denouncing the inter-imperialist conflict between the US and China that has caused the violations of Philippine sovereignty and territorial integrity.
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Bayan denounces the ongoing US-China conflict which has dragged the Philippines into a situation detrimental to its national interest. One one hand we have China asserting its claims over the West Philippine Sea, and on the other hand we have the US using our conflict with China to re-establish US bases inside the Philippines and use it for military intervention in the region.
We do not want to be a part of this imperialist rivalry. We do not want to be used by any side to promote their imperialist agenda in the region. It should never be a choice between two bullies, or two imperialist powers. We are for national sovereignty, an independent foreign policy and regional peace. We don’t want China’s bases on artificial islands, and we don’t want US bases in our provinces.
Bayan believes that US provocation in the region, intended to contain the rise of China as an economic power, is the reason why tensions have escalated in East Asia. The US is directing its bases in the Philippines against China, signaling an arms race between the two powers.
The protests on June 12 are set to be held in front of the Chinese consulate at 9am and in front of the US embassy at 11am. Filipino activists are set to place buoys in front of the Chinese consulate as a reminder of our sovereign rights in our Exclusive Economic Zone. Symbols of the US war machine will be brought to the US embassy in Manila. Before the US embassy action, participants will gather in front of the Philippine flag in Luneta to sing the national anthem and affirm their love of country and opposition to all forms of foreign intervention.
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