LTFRB should admit to failure and scrap forced consolidation scheme

With the LTFRB’s recent admission in a GMA 7 interview that 73.5% of PUJs in Metro Manila have not consolidated, which translates to more than 30,000 jeepney units, Malacanang should now rescind the December 31 deadline for mandatory franchise consolidation, and junk the entire program. Previously, we also noted that around 60% of UV Express units in NCR have also not consolidated at the start of December 2023. The loss of these units after December 31 will result in a worsening of the mass transport crisis.

LTFRB Memorandum Circular 2023-052 which allows the issuance of special permits to unconsolidated PUJs for at least one month, shows the utter failure of the forced consolidation scheme and the looming mass transport crisis. LTFRB knows that there are thousands of units that have not filed for consolidation and that there are not enough cooperatives and transport service enterprises that can service the routes that is why it is forced to issue special permits for at least one month for unconsolidated PUJs.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says "GMA 73.5% 5% (31,058) 'DI PA CONSOLIDATED SA METRO MANILA SOURCE: LTFRB CMA NEWS"

The resistance to mandatory consolidation is with strong basis. Drivers and operators cannot comply with the requirements, do not want to surrender their jeepney units, and face uncertain future under a cooperative or corporation under a commercialized “modernization” program. The entire framework for modernization is not pro-poor and is biased towards foreign imports and big business.

The transport sector has every right to protest to demand the Marcos regime to withdraw is December 31 deadline and junk the failed “modernization” scheme that has imposed the mandatory franchise consolidation policy.

Marcos cannot feign ignorance of the facts and should at least have some compassion for the situation of the drivers and operators. The hardline stance of Malacanang on the deadline shows callousness towards the poor. This is a recurring trend or trademark of the Marcos regime. All roads, and all jeeps, now lead to Malacanang. It is time for the chief executive to address the issue of forcible phaseout of jeepneys by December 31. ###

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