NO Mr. President, POGO is Not Clean

A RISING number of Chinese nationals have flocked to the Philippines to work for online gaming companies. — REUTERS | Photo from Business World Online

POGO is largely based on illegal activities in China and is widely believed to be used for money-laundering. Even our own ALMC knows this. Some P14 billion in POGO transactions were allegedly tied with illegal or suspicious activities.

The Duterte drive against crime and corruption is fake. To allow POGO is to allow money-laundering and the proliferation of crime. Duterte allows systematic corruption and protects the Chinese criminal syndicates.

It is naive or even treacherous to think that POGO is clean and helps government in terms of revenues. Anything that is rooted in illegal activities and gives rise to more criminality cannot be “good” nor “clean”.

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Is Duterte afraid of the POGO syndicates that he cannot shut them down? Are we so cash-strapped that we have to rely on government revenues that are tied with illegal activities? How can PAGCOR praise the POGO revenues yet turn a blind eye to POGO tax evasion and proliferation of crime?

The POGO phenomenon is impacting our country negatively. Even our law enforcers know this. The Duterte regime will thus be known as the biggest protector of criminal syndicates with its insistence that POGOs can operate in our country without any accountability. #