On Charter change and TV ads

The issues the country faced after 1986 have less to do with the Constitution and more to do with the kind of elite and foreign-dominated system that persists today. Big landlords, big business, corrupt bureaucrats, political dynasties, foreign intervention are the real problems.

Changing the Constitution has less to do with solving these problems and more to do with entrenching the ruling class interests that have long kept the Philippines poor and underdeveloped. It will be the same ruling elite who will benefit.
Those pushing for Charter change now have benefited from neoliberal economic policies that cha-cha seeks to expand. Opening up the economy to 100% foreign ownership does not benefit the poor. It benefits big business and the bureaucrat capitalists engaged in the plunder of our resources.

May be an image of 5 people, television and text that says "YT ADVERTISEMENT ON CHARTER CHANGE AND TV ADS BAYAN"

The people do not demand a change in the Constitution. They demand the change of the rotten ruling system that benefits only a few. They demand land reform, national industrialization, genuine sovereignty, respect for basic human rights and real democracy. The people will oppose self-serving Charter change moves being cooked up by the ruling elites in Congress.

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