On the firing of VP Robredo as ICAD co-chair

Photo from Inquirer

Press Statement
November 25, 2019

Duterte was never serious in offering the post to Robredo. He expected her to decline and stand down from her criticism of the drug war. He did not expect her to accept and to perform her mandate. He did not expect her to call his bluff.

The real reason why Duterte fired her was because she wanted to change the conduct of the failed drug war. She wanted to expose corruption and other misdeeds. She wanted an end to extra-judicial killings. Duterte did not want those. And so Robredo had to go.

In this entire episode, it is Duterte who looks politically weak and amateurish. He had been outwitted by the VP in this “game of thrones”. More importantly, the problems of the drug war continue to be discussed and continue to demand solutions. With Robredo out, we expect business as usual for the corrupt implementors, the ninja cops, the syndicates, the masked killers and everyone else involved in the bloody, corrupt and fake war on drugs. ###