On the SEA Games hosting fiasco

Photo from Hali Long’s Facebook account

Press Statement
November 25, 2019

The shabby hosting experienced by guest athletes constitute a national embarrassment for the Philippines. The entire fiasco reflects not just on Philippine officials but on the Filipino people. That is why many are indignant. The recent incidents show a lack of preparation on the part of the hosting committee, despite the huge funds allotted for the event. It seems they have failed to give importance to foreign guests and in some cases, even Filipino athletes.

There should be a special audit of the SEA Games after it has been concluded. Billions were allotted for the event, yet we are seeing ill-prepared hosts and snafus. This is unacceptable insofar as the funding for the event goes. We have been hearing of sweetheart deals and onerous terma in the construction of the P11.5 billion venue in Clark, on top of the P50 million cauldron that has earned the ire of many Filipinos. We have seen reports that some expenditures were not bidded out. We dread that the SEA Games would be just another source of corruption for some quarters . Thus a special audit is necessary as this involves several Government agencies.

To our foreign guests, we apologize for the ineptitude of our government.

With the opening of the SEA Games we ask Filipinos, “Support the Filipino athletes! Call out the Philippine government.” ###