Support South Africa ICJ complaint vs Israel

Bayan supports the genocide case brought by South Africa before the International Court of Justice against Israel. The request seeks provisional measures aimed at stopping the massive death and destruction taking place in Gaza as the bombings enter its 4th month. It is only fitting that South Africa, which defeated apartheid before, is now suing the apartheid state of Israel.

May be a graphic of text that says "女 SUPPORT SOUTH AFRICA ICJ COMPLAINT VS ISRAEL BAYA.Y"

Many countries have supported the case vs Israel before the ICJ including Palestine, Bolivia. Jordan, Malaysia, Turkey, Venezuela, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League. The US government as expected has called the case “meritless” and “without basis”. The US is complicit in genocide as it continues to arm Israel’s military campaign in Gaza despite the horrific civilian death toll.

The Philippine government must break its silence on the issue of genocide committed by Israel and express full support for the efforts of South Africa. The Philippine government must also end arms purchases from Israel as the Philippines was the 3rd largest buyer of Israeli weapons from 2017-2022.

We call on the Filipino people to closely monitor the ICJ proceedings and to raise our collective voice in support of Palestinian freedom and an end to genocide and occupation by Israel. ###

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