Bayan condemns the Jabalia massacre

We condemn in the strongest terms, the Israeli massacre at the Jabalia refugee camp in Northern Gaza which has resulted in the killing of hundreds of Palestinians living in the area. The attack was carried out on October 31, when Israel dropped 6 US-supplied bombs, weighing one ton each, on the densely populated area. An Israeli military spokesman has admitted to the attack on Jabalia, allegedly to neutralize a “Hamas commander”. Hamas has disputed the Israeli claim and called it a lie. An initial 400 Palestinians were reportedly killed in the deadly airstrike, while many remain under the rubble. The Jabalia massacre is being compared in magnitude to the Al Ahli hospital attack in terms of massive civilian casualties.

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There is no justification for the deadly attack. Under international humanitarian law, the protection of civilians takes precedence over any alleged military target. This has been repeatedly violated because Israel is not just targeting Hamas and the Palestinian resistance fighters, but the entire Palestinian population in what can only be seen as genocide. The end goal, based on recently exposed Israeli documents, is the destruction of Gaza and the relocation of any remaining Palestinians to the Sinai desert where they will live in tent cities.

The Philippine government should condemn Israel’s blatant violation of international humanitarian law. The Philippine government should call for a stop to the Israeli bombing campaign which ultimately endangers Filipinos who are in Gaza. The Marcos regime’s spineless attitude towards the bombings and the protection of its own people, is unacceptable and goes against national interest.

We join the peoples of the world in expressing utter horror and utmost indignation over the bombing of the Jabalia refugee camp. Millions around the world are fast realizing that it is the Zionist state of Israel that is the problem, and that the only solution is freedom for all Palestinians and an end to apartheid and occupation. ###


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