BAYAN is an alliance of organizations committed to the Filipino people’s struggle for national liberation and democracy. It is guided by the nationalist and democratic aspirations of the people in the pursuit of its objectives.

BAYAN and its participating organizations are bound by the Declaration of Principles, the Constitution, the By-Laws and the Program of Action, as well as policies and decisions which shall be adopted by its duly constituted bodies.

As an alliance of organizations, BAYAN promotes the unity of its participating organizations through the principle of consensus in decision-making, after a free and full discussions of issues and with due respect to the independence and initiative of each participating organization. BAYAN also promotes the principles of mutual support, cooperation and protection between and among its participating organizations.

BAYAN propagates and fights for the nationalist and democratic demands of the people through legal and militant forms of struggle. It conducts forums, seminars, lobbying, pickets, strikes, marches, demonstrations and welgang bayan. It participates in elections in various ways and gets involved in legal actions. Though it does not engage in armed struggle, BAYAN respects the right of others to take such an option for the just redress of grievances.

BAYAN can only be as strong as its participating organizations. So it encourages them to strengthen themselves by arousing and organizing the people within their respective classes and sectors and in their respective communities and areas or work. BAYAN intends to cooperate with other patriotic and progressive alliances, organizations and individuals based on the principles of consensus and of independence and initiative to advance the struggle for national liberation and democracy.


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