The Marcos family has once again displayed their utter insensitivity, arrogance, and greed by holding a lavish party for Imelda while millions of Filipinos are suffering from extreme poverty, hunger, and low wages.

It adds insult to the measly 40 pesos increase for Metro Manila minimum wage earners who could barely afford the basic necessities in life. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr chooses to ignore the plight of workers and instead holds an ‘imeldific’ party for his mother.

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The party at the presidential palace not only reflects the deep divide in society but also the double standards in enforcing the so-called rule of law. Imelda is convicted of graft yet she has not spent a single day in jail. Meanwhile, more than 700 political prisoners are detained based on trumped-up charges.

If the Marcos family can afford to pay Imelda’s birthday bash, they should be compelled to settle their family estate tax.

The exclusive party hosted by the Marcoses and the 40 pesos minimum wage hike highlight the state of the nation under the Marcos Jr presidency. Marcos and his cronies are amassing wealth and flaunting their privilege at the expense of millions of ordinary Filipinos who are struggling with poverty wages, high taxes, and rising cost of living.

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