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We oppose in no uncertain terms the proposed fare increases for the LRT 1, LRT 2 and MRT 3 lines. These are added burden to the people at at time when inflation is at a 14-year high and when commuters face a worsening mass transport crisis. The fare increases will have a huge impact on students and working people who rely on trains for their daily commute. The increase will burn a whole in the pockets of workers who have not received any significant wage increases in the past year.

The increases are proposed by both government and private operators of the train lines.

the case of the DoTr-operated MRT 3 the P13.00 minimum single journey ticket will be raised to P17.00 or a P4.00 increase. The end-to-end fare from North Ave to Taft Avenue will be raised from P28.00 to P34.00, or a P6.00 increase according to the MRT.



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