Bayan supports filing of criminal complaint against Rodrigo Duterte

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan stands with ACT Teachers Partylist Rep France Castro in pushing back against the recidivist redtagger Rodrigo Duterte who is now charged with a criminal complaint for making grave threats against the lawmaker and other members of the Makabayan bloc.

Photo by Teddy Casiño

Photo by Teddy Casiño

Impunity worsened under Duterte as he enabled the spread of hate and violence against critics of his administration, including ordinary citizens with legitimate grievances against government neglect and abuse. This insidious attack on free speech continued under the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos Jr with paid trolls and state-backed forces targeting activists and human rights defenders.

The Duterte regime is guilty of crimes against humanity for the mass murder of drug suspects and for waging a brutal campaign against the communist movement. We continue to demand accountability and justice for the victims of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances and other grave violations of international humanitarian law.

The criminal complaint against Duterte serves as a warning to him, his apologists, and other notorious redtaggers in the Marcos Jr administration that activists and members of people’s organizations are ready to challenge their illegal acts by organizing protests and even the filing of cases in courts.

Duterte and his ilk seek to deter criticism by bullying and using shock and awe tactics to normalize fear. They failed to silence activists; and the decision of Rep Castro to pursue a legal action is proof that instead of being intimidated, the people’s movement is ready to fight back.

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