Biden Called On to End US Wars, Aid to Tyrants

Trump leaves the White House in utter disgrace, the only president to be impeached twice, the only one shut out from social media and one who will likely face multiple charges after his term.

We join the American people in bidding Trump “Good riddance!” We join their calls in holding Trump accountable for his many crimes.

Trumpism will not die even if Trump leaves the White House. The social basis of Trumpism, the which is moribund capitalism, remains and will be a challenge for years to come. The oppressed peoples of the world must continue the struggle to end the scourge of imperialism.

The work to change the course of the US becomes more urgent now. It is time to end US wars and intervention, close down military bases abroad and recall troops stationed in foreign lands. It is time for the US to stop granting military aid to tyrants and dictators. 

President Joseph Biden is challenged to terminate the MDT, VFA and EDCA and cut off military aid for Duterte’s regime of terror. Ending our status as a US neocolony is long overdue. The Filipino people will continue to fight for genuine freedom and democracy.#
[Photo: AP]

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