The House of Representatives is rushing Charter change via constitutional convention in the middle of an economic crisis, with the country deep in debt, under a second Marcos regime. For whom? It is for the ruling elite. For what? It is to amass more economic and political power.
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Will Charter change solve the crisis? No. It will worsen the crisis as it seeks to entrench the same ruling elite and grant more advantages to foreign monopoly capitalists seeking to exploit and plunder the Philippine economy. Our problems are not the result of the Constitution but of the people running the nation. Kahit palitan ang Constitution, kung mga political dynasties pa rin ang nakaupo, walang magbabago.
The Filipino people should oppose all Charter change maneuvers in the Lower House and Senate. Oppose the full liberalization of the economy and the concentration of more power in the hands of the few ruling elite and the Marcos regime. We call on the people to protest the anti-people charter change initiatives.
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