Message of BAYAN Chair Emeritus, Carol Pagaduan-Araullo at the Tribute for Prof. Raul Segovia +
(23 January 1933 – 19 August 2023)

On behalf of the allied organizations of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), I express deep sympathies to Manang Lorna and all the Segovia children, in-laws and grandchildren as well as all other relatives and friends of Manong Raul Segovia upon his passing.

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Manong Raul and Manang Lorna were a constant presence in various activities, whether indoor fora or protest mass actions in the Parliament of the Streets. I remember them with deep gratitude as they extended solidarity with the Makabayan Coalition’s beleaguered Batasan 6 Congress representatives who were charged with trumped-up criminal cases during the US-backed tyrannical regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. They were a comforting presence at the tribute for Iglesia Filipina Independiente Obispo Maximo, Alberto Ramento, who was murdered in Tarlac in the wake of labor and agrarian unrest at the Hacienda Luisita. They were also there in Mendiola standing up bravely against the repressive Calibrated Preemptive Response imposed by Arroyo to prevent her ouster from Malacañang. And so many other occasions when they even commuted via MRT from their residence in Pasay to Quezon City where many of the events took place. Manong Raul and Manang Lorna were especially committed to upholding and defending human rights.

Manong Raul was also well established as a consumer advocate having headed the Citizens’ Alliance for Consumer Protection (CACP) together with the activist nun, Sr. Mary John Mananzan. During the dark years of martial law, CACP became the voice for consumer rights that are anchored on the struggle for the socioeconomic rights of the basic sectors of PH society and even extended to advocacy for the protection of the environment against corporate and bureaucratic degradation.

We also learned that Manong Raul was a recognized leader in the fight for rights and welfare of teachers and other personnel, not just in the universities where he taught, like UP, but also throughout the country via his leadership in the Alliance of Concerned Teachers.

The passing of the years eventually slowed Manong Raul in terms of physical presence in varied protest actions but we are assured that he kept abreast with keen interest on current national socioeconomic and political developments as his iconic photos with his frail frame avidly reading the newspaper or books attest. While many among the GenX, the millennial, and certainly the Gen Z generations no longer know Prof. Raul “Manong” Segovia, he has certainly earned his place in the history of the national democratic movement as one of the most respected teacher-activists of his generation who continued to carry the torch as far as his advancing years would allow.

Mabuhay ka, Kasamang Manong Raul Segovia!
Rest now, in peace.

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