The four new EDCA sites in Cagayan, Isabela and Palawan announced by the Philippine government will allow the US to preposition weapons and warships directed at China, a move that will heighten tensions in the region and lead to an arms race. This is for US imperialist interests more than anything else. Particularly worrisome are the facilities in northern Philippines as these are obviously aimed at Taiwan and will increase tensions in the area.

Let us dispense with all the “humanitarian assistance and disaster response” propaganda. The agreed locations are meant to help the US project military power and prepare for war. The prepositioning of weapons and warships, including drones, is part of the US preparation for war. Mr. Marcos should know that this isn’t a Hollywood movie like Top Gun. There are real and serious consequences to these geopolitical maneuvers.

Let it be known that EDCA is such a lopsided agreement that the US is allowed to build forward bases anywhere in the country rent-free. The US is also given tax-fee privileges on the use of utilities and free use of our radio frequencies. The US will have nine agreed locations and forward bases in the Philippines, all rent-free. It is such a new low for Philippine sovereignty.

May be an image of text that says "NEW EDCA SITES WILL STIR TENSION, ARMS RACE BAYAN"

The prolonged presence of US troops, as in our experience in Clark and Subic bases, brings along great social costs such as human rights violations, prostitution, child abuse, disruption of local livelihoods and environmental damage.

Mr. Marcos has shown utter mendicancy to US interests. In exchange for second-hand equipment and decommissioned ships, he has bartered away our national sovereignty. He has allowed the Philippines to be dragged into a conflict between two imperialist powers, a conflict that is not in our interest.

We call on the people of Cagayan, Isabela and Palawan, as well as Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro. to oppose the presence of US troops in their provinces. Bayan stands against both US intervention and China incursions. We stand for an independent foreign policy and denounce any imperialist power trying to undermine our national sovereignty. Bayan will protest the upcoming Balikatan war games and demand the termination of the VFA and EDCA.

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