We call on the people to remain vigilant and oppose any moves for Charter change. Congress is about to revive discussions on Cha-cha. A resolution has been filed in the Senate to convene Congress into a Constituent Assembly.

It is not true that Cha-cha would be limited in scope. Once the CA is convened, the entire Constitution can be amended.

What is the game plan? Why is Congress doing Cha-cha one year before the elections and in the middle of a pandemic?

The answer could be term extension and no elections. Proponents of charter change want the present regime to remain in power beyond 2022. They want to lift restrictions on foreign ownership to get foreign support for a regime that will exceed its constitutional limits. That is the trade off to get US and China support for an extended term.

All freedom-loving Filipinos must stand up against Charter change. No to term extension. No to the scrapping of the elections to allow an extension of the Duterte regime.

If there is one thing we learend the past year, it’s that its not the Constitution that needs changing but those leading the country.

Pushing for Charter change one year before the elections, in the middle of a pandemic, is no different from Trump wanting to overturn the election results to stay in power. Cha-cha is a bid to extend this regime’s stay in power. #

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Congress is set to revive talks on Charter Change.
Source: Inquirer.net

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