Statement: On “rebranding” the dictatorship

The Marcos Jr regime has a penchant for rebranding government programs. But the worst kind of “rebranding” so far is the one that seeks to erase and dissociate the Marcos name from the “Marcos dictatorship”, as reflected in our education curricula. The current regime wants to make sure the Marcos name is not associated with negative images of human rights violations, tyranny, power-grab and military rule. That this was exposed on the month we commemorate Marcos’ Martial Law, which marked the formal seizure of power for himself as dictator, is all the more ironic.

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Marcos Jr attending another F1 race in Singapore during a time when the nation remembers the atrocities of Martial Law, and during a time of extreme economic crisis, is simply the height of insensitivity.

The efforts to “rebrand” the dictatorship points to an apparent long term plan to entrench the Marcoses in the highest positions of governments, even after the term of Marcos Jr has ended. The steady drive to rewrite history serves a long-term agenda for staying in power.

On September 21, various groups will gather in Liwasang Bonifacion in Manila to commemorate the dark years of the dictatorship and to protest the continuing human rights violations, corruption and economic decline under a second Marcos regime. We will affirm that the dictatorship then was led and made possible by Marcos Sr and that his family was the principal beneficiary of plunder and concentration of power during this period. We call on all Filipinos to never forget, and to continue demanding justice and accountability from the current regime.

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