Statement on the CBCP Public Affairs Commission engagement with the NTF-ELCAC

The CBCP is reminded of the limits of any engagement with the so-called NTF ELCAC. While we believe that the CBCP has by and large stood for basic human rights especially against red-tagging and extrajudicial killings, joining the NTF ELCAC sends the wrong message to the public. The CBCP or any of its commissions may be used to legitimize and deodorize the counter-insurgency task force amid a long list of abuses and violations attributed to it.

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The CBCP should continue to let its voice heard on matters affecting the people, but it should be cautious on what “engagement” with the NTF ELCAC execom entails and its implications especially on the ground, in the localities and the sectors at the receiving end of state terror.

We invite the CBCP to study the National Security Policy of the Marcos regime where the policy of red-tagging is further entrenched and sham localized peace talks are upheld instead of serious peace negotiations that seek to address the roots of the armed conflict. The problematic NSP framework should be enough to clarify whether it is even necessary for the CBCP or any of its commissions to join the NTF ELCAC execom as a private sector representative.

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