Why is Senate dancing to cha-cha?

Instead of opposing Charter change as it had done before, the Senate seems to be poised to dance the Cha-cha this year. The Resolution of Both Houses filed by Senate President Migz Zubiri reeks of political accommodation and opportunism. It smacks of subservience to Malacanang. It is another step in selling out the country to foreign interests by allowing 100% foreign ownership in areas of the economy reserved for Filipinos.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says "CONSTITUTION PHILITUTIO PHILIPPINE MIGUEL F.ZUBIRI President OF NATE Why is Senate dancing to CHA-CHA? BIYAN"

Averting a constitutional crisis? The people’s initiative being peddled now in communities has no legal nor moral basis and has been exposed as a grand swindle. Why then should the Senate fear a constitutional crisis? The people’s initiative can and will be defeated because it is advocating self-serving changes in the Constitution and is being undertaken through highly questionable means.

We wonder why the country has not progressed? It’s because of the kind of political system and the kind of politicians that we have. The latest episode in the Senate is an eloquent example of both.

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